Coach swap effective immediately -mts

Ashlee Thatcher

After much debate, Athletic Director Bob Beeman has taken the initiative and rearranged the coaching staff. Effective immediately, many of the coaches have upgraded to new head coaching positions.
Former women’s basketball head coach Michelle Walsh is now the new baseball coach. She is very excited about this new opportunity. Having previously played and coached golf, she thinks that she can transfer her golf swing into a baseball swing and lead our Viking baseball team to victory this season.
Matt Schoultz, former head volleyball coach, has taken on the responsibility of the softball coach. He really likes the pink bats and cute helmets that the girls get to wear and thinks that they might make a good new look for himself.
Coach Jen Jacobsen has transferred from the head cross country and track coach to the new football coach. She feels like some female presence on the football field will be a new addition to the sport, making the football players a little more sensitive. She hopes that her presence will alleviate some of the tension and aggression on the field.
Newly hired baseball coach Mike Barthelmess has found his position quickly changed. He has been moved to the head track coach position. He is quite knowledgeable about the sport and really enjoys throwing the baton.
Assistant Athletic Director and former softball head coach Kim Tatro has taken on a huge new position as head hockey coach. She is happy to lend her left-handed hockey skills to the team. She is a little concerned about her softball swing, however, worrying that she might get pegged for high-sticking.
Lastly, assistant football coach Matt Kehrein has been reassigned to head the men’s basketball program. It has been decided that former men’s basketball coach Joel DePagter is way too damn successful.
Mary Jo remains our faithful cheerleader.
Beeman would like to extend his thanks to all of the athletes for their patience and understanding during these changes.