Athlete of the Week

Ashlee Thatcher

1. How does it feel with your track career coming to a close?
Bittersweet. It’s not just the end of my track career but of my athletic career now that basketball has also ended. I’ve really enjoyed being a Viking and will definitely miss it, but I have great memories with teammates, coaches and friends to look back on. 2. You compete in throwing events. What are the benefits of being a thrower?
Mike, Genna, Rob and I have been throwing together for a few years now and enjoy it — spending time with them is definitely the best part. We also get to snack more than the runners do.

3. You currently hold the school record in the hammer throw. Would you like to break that again before you are retired?
Of course. As an athlete, I am always looking to improve and if that means breaking my own record, I hope to do so and end my career on a high note.

4. How does the team look going into the Conference Meet?
There’s a lot of potential on both the men’s and women’s sides. We have some great athletes. If we perform to the best of our abilities, other teams will be surprised by our showing.

5. How does it feel to have expanded your events with running the 4×400 on Saturday?
It was interesting. I enjoyed being able to help out the team as needed but it was quite the adventure to be running something so unfamiliar, especially in the runners uniform! 400s are painful and I give credit to anyone who runs them.

6. Which of your events is your favorite and why?
Hammer. It’s unlike anything else and is just something I took to.

7. If you had a choice to compete in any other event, which would it be and why?
Triple jump. I also jumped in our last meet. It’s a relaxing, pressure-free event for me. Who doesn’t like hurling themselves into a sand pit?

8. Who is your favorite athlete and why?
Becky Hammon of the San Antonio Silver Stars. She’s surpassed expectations time and time again and the heart and intensity with which she plays is infectious. Watching her is awesome; she’s a great shooter and one of the most creative passers in the game.