Ramble on the roof: Sports in the classroom

Being a senior biology major, I
have come across many different
processes that I have had to study
and learn. Some of these things
have needed to be memorized,
and it’s always exciting to think of
new ways to make my warehouse
remember these pathways. Some
people like to rewrite processes
on a marker board while talking
it out to himself or study group
partners, some people like to make
note cards, and some other people
even like to write it over and over
again on paper.
All of this seems rather pedestrian
in comparison to what I tend
to do: I use my love of sports. This
may seem dumb, but considering
that I am a master at knowing what
college the majority of NFL players
went to, it’s only a good idea to use
my strengths while studying. Oh,
let me mention some of the ones
I’ve used over my time as a Viking.
Being in Assistant Professor of
Biology Ron Peck’s class at 8:30 in
the morning my sophomore year
provided me not only with a good
amount of coffee, but also with
practice coming up with creative
mnemonics using baseball. When
it came time to remember the