The devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on Jan. 12 has deeply affected the Lawrence
community. Lawrence has ties to Haiti stretching back 15 years through Professor of Music
Janet Anthony who first began volunteering at the Holy Trinity Music School in Port-au-Prince
in 1996. She has brought many Lawrentians, both students and professors, to teach at the
institution, providing them with invaluable experience. This remarkable school was completely
destroyed in the wake of the earthquake.
After the disaster struck, Lawrentians reacted immediately, raising awareness about Haiti
through concerts, fundraising drives and other charity events. The Jan. 20 concert for Haiti
successfully raised $5,923.40 for the Holy Trinity Music School and the Red Cross. Additionally
there have been student-organized bake sales and fundraisers throughout campus.
Groups such as the Lawrence Christian Fellowship and Students Engaged in Global Aid have
been instrumental in these philanthropic efforts. Even the Viking Room has been involved,
donating a portion of proceeds from today’s sales of Haitian beer. We commend the Lawrence
community for its eagerness in helping Haiti during its time of crisis.
However, the recent theft of a charity donation box to support Haiti from the Front Desk in
Plantz Hall is troubling. Any act of theft, especially from charity, is disturbing. The immediacy
of the cause, the extent of the destruction and the Lawrence Community’s connection to the
people of Haiti and the Holy Trinity Music School in Port-au-Prince make this crime deplorable.
Upcoming charity events for Haiti include, Steven Spears’ recital Jan. 31, a Haiti Benefit
Concert Feb. 6 in the Memorial Chapel and a Haiti Benefit Program Feb 12. at Harmony Café.
We encourage Lawrentians to attend these events and continue to find ways to aid Haitian
recovery efforts.