Letter to the Editor

Marc Casati, Former President, WI Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta

As news spreads quickly around a campus this small, many people are aware that the local Phi Delta Theta chapter at Lawrence lost its charter this week. As former president of the chapter, I’d like to share details about why and how it happened in an effort to stop any false information that may be out there.
First, the LU administration had no part in the decision. The Greek system here isn’t as alive as it once was years ago, and often times the LU administration is the first to get fingers pointed their way. Instead, our national headquarters were the ones who made the decision to close us down. We lost our chapter because we were not meeting specific academic and chapter size standards put in place by them.
To leave on a high note, I’d like to share that we are in Phi Delta Theta’s plans of coming back to Lawrence in the near future. The early goal is to return in the fall of 2012. By that time, most current students will have graduated, but it’s still a reason to be optimistic for the future.