How to Make the Most out of Fall

The colors orange, yellow, and brown seem to be appearing more throughout campus not only with the leaves, but with posters and decorations celebrating that fall is here. To help contribute to the spirit of fall, here are numerous things that you can get pumped about this season.

Some quintessential fall activities you cannot miss include visiting apple orchards and pumpkin patches, battling your way through a corn maze, getting scared at a haunted house because that’s what October is—being scared all of the time. Go support your Vikings at a football game with some friends. Put up some fall themed decorations, especially the hand turkey drawings to show that fall is here. Carve pumpkins. Celebrate October third by watching Mean Girls. Wrap yourself up in a blanket. It’ll be a legitimate time to dress up in costumes and not get weird looks. Say the heck with it and go trick-or-treating. Watch scary movies every chance you get, especially 13 Nights of Halloween on ABC Family. Be grateful there won’t be a Friday the 13th this year. Go on a hayride. Buy cute sweaters, leggings, scarves, boots, hats. Also take advantage and buy the summer items that go on sale. Go to the last farmer’s market. Help out and rake leaves into huge piles. Then ruin the good deed by jumping and hiding in said piles. Listen to all of the leaves crunching underneath your feet. Marvel at all of the trees with the pretty leaves. Hunting season starts up. Buy candy that’s on sale. Give thanks at Thanksgiving. You can hit up all of the sales during Black Friday, and then again on Cyber Monday. Be excited winter break isn’t that far away.

What is fall without all of the awesome food that come with it? Some traditional foods you can eat include roasted pumpkin seeds, fresh apples just picked from the trees, pumpkin spice everything, yes including PSLs. Too much but yet not enough candy. Drink lots of hot chocolate. Caramel apples. Pumpkin and apple pie. Turkey, stuffing, cranberries. The last of the farmer’s market foods. Food that’s been canned like pickles or jams. Sweet potatoes and squash. Maple syrup. Eat a lot more soups, chilies, and stews. Candy corn. Apple cider. Cinnamon flavored foods.

For those of you who have a pessimistic side towards Fall, here multiple things that summer can’t offer but Fall does: No bees. No mosquitoes. You won’t get judged for ordering a hot drink. You don’t overheat when you first get into a vehicle. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Football. Volleyball. No more worries about having that summer bod. Wearing all of those cute sweaters and hats. No sunburn, thus no sunscreen. Pumpkin spice everything. Hocus Pocus gets shown on TV. No more mowing the lawn. Not having to worry about shaving especially when there’s no shave November. Not being so sweaty. All of the foliage. Daylight savings time gives us an extra hour of sleep.

Many Lawrentians are excited about fall. When asked what he’s most excited about in the Fall, freshman Nick Muellner said he’s most excited for “All of the concerts and recitals.” Sophomore Jackie Flores said she was most excited for “the leaves to change.”

Fall is here, so trick or treat yourself, gobble up lots of food, and have a happy fall y’all.