Ode to The Class of 2002

Andy York

Ode to The Class of 2002An ode to the class of 2002,
And the athletic achievements they did pursue.
Records and awards a plenty they did amass,
Whether on the court, ice, mat or grass.

In the following I will name a few,
Who have succeeded at what they do.
So here are some Vikings, who did make a name,
For themselves and LU the same.

Scott Dummert led the Vike’s defensive side.
His sacks and interceptions filled us with pride.
Kayte Hansen was a constant force near the net.
Very few volleyball records she did not set.

Megan Tiemann always was on the spot.
Her game winning kicks always were on the dot.
Player of the Year not once, but twice,
An NCAA victory was also nice.

Tom Conti scored many a goal.
In soccer or hockey, he was on a roll.
A Hockey Humanitarian Nominee was he,
Stu Manning and he were a duo to see.

Then there is one Mr. Andy Kazik.
To LU a National Championship he did bring back.
Going forty and oh along the way,
His story brightens up a sports writer’s day.

The women basketballers did put on a show.
Dara Rakun and Beth Pollnow especially did so.
Beth set many records with her steals and assists,
When a key shot was needed Dara rarely missed.

The men basketballers had two of their own,
Ryan Gebler and Dustin Pagoria made opponents moan.
Two seniors showing the way it should be,
They will be sorely missed in 2003.

Daniel Hurley is a special man.
No one can swim as fast as he can.
Never losing a race at the conference meet,
Three time Swimmer of the Year-an amazing feat.

Winning a championship is one way to go.
As tennis player Tom Lipari did so.
Breaking every baseball offensive record known,
Is another was as Jason Shanda has shown.

Kiana Neal and Erica White helped the softball team go far.
Neal’s hitting and White’s versatility helped them raise the bar.
Brion Winters’ sweet swing helped the golf team succeed.
One more round was all they did need.

The track team did well both inside and out.
The next six athletes provided the clout.
Most Outstanding Performers Sally Schonfeld and Katy Roll,
Sam Buckett was impressive with the vaulting pole.

Lisa Tranel and Eric Davis paced themselves well,
Watching Don Smith run leaves a story to tell.
Together running cross country or track
These six athletes did have the knack.

All of these seniors will be leaving us soon.
But in our minds their achievements will still swoon.
To all those not mentioned, good luck and thank you,
For letting us appreciate all that you do.