Athletes of the Week

Jeanelle Adams

Mitch Guenther
Men’s Track
What name-brand shoes are the best for running (Nike, Adidas, etc.)?
In terms of shoes, I’m gonna have to go with Asics. Not only are they great shoes, but our head coach Vic gets great deals on them, which is awesome.What do you do in a typical practice?
A typical practice starts with a few laps around the track and stretching to warm up. Then comes the workout that, on running days, consists of several 150- or 200-meter sprints or, on jumping days, consists of high jump and triple jump drills. After the workout, we end with a couple of cool-down laps.

If you could participate in any running competition, what would it be?
If I were to do any running event it would have to be the 100-meter dash, because it’s the shortest race and I’m kinda lazy.

What are the team’s goals for the season? How does the team plan on achieving these goals?
One goal of every team, including ours, is to improve upon the performances from last season. We really want to score more points at the conference meet and even move up a few places as a team. We plan to achieve these goals primarily through good coaching and hard work. Coaches Vic, Amy and Kehrein have all done a great job coaching us and pushing us this season.

How long have you been running competitively? What got you interested in track?
I have been competing competitively since sophomore year in high school, making this my sixth year running track. Honestly I don’t remember what exactly got me interested in track, but I wanted to do a sport and track seemed like the most fun. Plus, I do love jumping.

Madeline Steininger
Women’s Track

What are your personal goals for the season?
Every season I try to do the best that I can. My overall personal goal is to improve in all aspects of my performance. I hope to win conference in all of my events and possibly even make it to nationals again.

How is the team chemistry under the direction of a new coach?
Our new coach has really changed the attitude of the team. He is a very motivated and positive individual. I think the team is happy and glad to have such an experienced coach!

What is a typical warm up like for you?
My typical warm up consists of two laps, followed by stretching, agilities and accelerations. However, certain events such as long jump and high jump take a longer time to get ready for. It is important to stay warm while you are waiting your turn to jump; this can mean doing these drills several times throughout the duration of the event.

If you could participate in any event that you do not already participate in, what would it be?
I have always wanted to throw javelin. I have practiced it a couple times but never had enough time to actually try it until last weekend. I found it to be more challenging than it looks. I look forward to practicing and competing in it more this season.

Do you have a lucky piece of apparel that you wear for meets (a lucky pair of spikes, socks, etc.)?
I have three pairs of spikes that I wear for each specific event. I don’t really have a lucky item of clothing, but I am very particular about marking my steps in long and high jump with an “x.