Waz launches CD recycling program

Grace Berchem

Junior Maggie Waz will be
launching a campus-wide compact
disc recycling program Saturday
April 24 at this year’s Greenfire
Earth Day.
At the Earth Day festivities,
WLFM will have a bin where CDs
can be dropped off. Students are
encouraged to bring CDs of any
kind including but not limited to
blank CDs, old computer games
and scratched CDs. Waz will also
be accepting the cases, which will
be recycled as well.
The cases and CDs will be sent
to The Compact Disc Recycling
Center of America in New
Waz and WLFM have been
able to bring this recycling program
to campus with the help of
a grant from the Environmental
Responsibility Committee of LUCC.
This grant will cover the costs of
shipping the CDs to the recycling
Waz decided to start this program
after observing the sheer
number of CDs stacked up around
the radio station. WLFM receives
many promotional CDs that cannot
be used; some have been thrown
out or put into recycling bins.
However, CDs thrown into traditional
recycling bins are not actually
Waz said, “Putting [the CDs]
into someone else’s hands [by
putting them in traditional recycling
bins] would cause them to
be thrown out in an irresponsible
Currently, Waz estimates
that nearly 100 pounds worth of
unwanted CDs are stored at the
WLFM radio station. The methods
of sharing music are still in transition.
The digital trend is not only
a more cost-effective way to share
music, but it is also more environmentally
“Everyone is moving towards
a more sustainable way to share
music,” said Waz.
Waz and WLFM are looking
for help sorting and separating
the CDs, but they also encourage
anyone who wishes to take action
to bring unwanted CDs to Earth
Day. After Earth Day, bins will also
be set up around campus in residence
halls and academic buildings.
Students should also look out
for bins in the campus center.
Any student interested in getting
involved with the CD recycling
program should contact Waz at