LUCC update

LUCC met at General General Council Monday, April 19 in the Hurvis Room. Legislation was proposed that would change the parking ticket penalty (see below). The list of re-recognized groups was presented by Steering Committee and approved by the council. Steering Committee met and recognized Lawrence University Club Lacrosse (LUCLAX) as a new group. Finance Committee allocated funds to Greenfire, Wellness Committee, ORC, the Downer Art Exhibit, WAC, LUREE, Anime Club, Band Booking Committee, SOL Studio and the LU Cricket Organization.
LUCC will vote on proposed legislation that would change the parking ticket penalty. If students receive two tickets within a term, they will be ineligible for the parking lottery of the subsequent term, including the next academic year. For example, a student who receives two tickets spring term would be ineligible for the lottery the fall term of the next year. Current legislation states that students will be ineligible to participate for the remainder of the academic year.
LUCC is beginning the committee appointment process. There are a wide variety of committees, and anyone is eligible to apply. Please fill out an application (outside the LUCC office) and submit it to the office by April 26.
LUCC is looking for a Quad Representative! Please fill out an application (outside the LUCC office) and submit it to the office if interested.
Please know that the LUCC General Council meetings are open and welcoming to anyone who wishes to express a concern. The council meets at 4:30 every other Monday in the Hurvis Room. The next meeting is May 3.