After 16 years, it’s time for Jim Doyle!

Jennifer Dieter

Wisconsin is in need of a change. With a $2.8 billion deficit and a government plagued in scandal and corruption, it seems there is little to cheer about in the state of Wisconsin. While Wisconsin has long had a progressive tradition, it seems as though the past couple of years have been more regressive. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: Jim Doyle, the Democratic candidate for Governor of the state of Wisconsin.

Now in his third term as Attorney General of Wisconsin, Jim has brought many good things to the state while in office: a $6 billion settlement with the tobacco industries; a strong sexual predator law; a criminal background check for handgun buyers, which prevented the sale of more than 3,300 handguns to convicted felons; and a statewide school violence prevention initiative.

As Governor, Jim Doyle will be in a position to make real changes to the environment, economy, and public safety and security for the people of Wisconsin.

As Governor, Jim Doyle will progressively alter Wisconsin’s policy toward mining companies—holding them to the same pollution standards as other companies—and ban cyanide mining. He will also continue to expand the state’s brownfield redevelopment programs that restore polluted urban areas for productive use.

He will also bring back an independent Department of Natural Resources (as well as a Public Intervener) and increase their authority to regulate high capacity wells. He will also reduce power plant emissions and vows to increase the amount of renewable energy sources to 10% by 2005, 20% by 2007.

Without raising taxes, Jim Doyle will repair the current economic state of Wisconsin by creating better jobs that will both increase growth and boost income. Jim will invest in the people of Wisconsin by promoting the unionization of workers and establishing a tax credit for the private sector that invests in education.

By improving the transportation systems and health care costs, Doyle will create a healthy climate with a dependable infrastructure to do business in Wisconsin.

Public Safety and Security: Jim will reform state corrections policy by improving education and reducing the number of young people entering the prison system in the first place. He will fight for a limit of .08 blood alcohol content for drunk drivers on their first conviction. Doyle is also committed to ending violence against women, and as president of the National Association of Attorney Generals, Doyle led the fight to extend and fully fund the federal Violence Against Women Act. Jim Doyle also implemented a program giving millions of dollars each year to help sexual assault victims across the state.

Jim has a strong belief in protecting law abiding Wisconsin citizens’ rights to possess firearms for hunting. He, however, does not support the possession of handguns by criminals and is a firm believer in criminal background checks.

Hopefully you had a chance to come out and meet Jim last week at the all campus picnic. Of course this is not a comprehensive list of intentions or accomplishments of Jim Doyle; for further information please refer to or