Special Edition of Faculty Q&A — Kevin Goggins

Kevin Goggins posing for a portrait in his Lawrence University Security Guard Jacket. Photo by Larissa Davis. Taken in April 2017.

Do you have a favorite building? — Anonymous

A favorite building I honestly could not select just one.  Possibly Main Hall — so much history is in that building.  Walking in it, the feeling that so many generations of people walked those halls, is so amazing to me. 

How do you stay so positive? — Anonymous

I honestly dont see how anyone could not be positive at Lawrence.  Dealing with the students and staff is honestly like you are just meeting with the most caring people ever. It is amazing  to see the caring attitude towards each other here. I cannot recall ever having an interaction with a student that I did not feel I left the interaction the better person for them taking their time to speak with me.

What is one thing you want all the new campus safety personnel to know about the job? — Alesandra Aragon ‘22

That the students at Lawrence are truly a treasure, and take the time to learn from all of them, and always enjoy the time you get to talk with them.

So many students look up to you, who do you look up to? — Alesandra Aragon ‘22

Believe me, it is mutual — I look up to the students.  Students at Lawrence are so talented and intelligent. I am always in awe talking with them.

What do you want to be when you grow up? — Anonymous

I think a Great Lake Whale Watcher :)

Why haven’t I gotten any of the famous Kevin Goggins cookies? — Molly Ruffing ‘22

All you have to do is let me know where to deliver them. I would love to bake you some cookies.


Note from Kevin:

I could never ever find the right, or correct words to THANK all of the students at Lawrence I have met.  I can never begin to tell you all you how much you all have meant to me, and the hardest part of leaving Lawrence is not being able to spend time with all of you.  Please know you are all the most special people in the world.  The world is going to get such special, and caring people. Thank you for accpting me and making me a better person.  

All my best always,

Kevin Goggins