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Special Edition of Faculty Q&A — Kevin Goggins

Special Edition of Faculty Q&A — Kevin Goggins

Kevin Goggins posing for a portrait in his Lawrence University Security Guard Jacket. Photo by Larissa Davis. Taken in April 2017. Do you have a favorite building? — Anonymous A favorite building I honestly could not select just one.  Possibly Main Hall — so much history is in that building.  Walking in it, the feeling

Player’s Perspective: Joseph Wetzel

Imagine being 11 years old again. The world was a very different place back then. There was still so much to see, to explore, to understand about the world around you. For senior linguistic anthropology major Joseph Wetzel, a moment came at this age where his father entrusted him with “Neverwinter Nights” (BioWare, 2002). Wetzel

Panhellenic Council hosts primary recruitment

Freshman Alex Freeman playing Jenga at a sorority informational session held in the Steitz Atrium. Photo by Larissa Davis. During this past week, many female students have been participating in Primary Recruitment with the intent to join one of Lawrence’s three Panhellenic sororities. The process began on Sunday, Jan. 12, and will conclude today, Friday,

Player’s Perspective: Ben Schaffzin

Previously called “What A Game!,” this column seeks to engage individuals and hear their stories of how games have impacted them as well as their views of the culture, community, content and controversy within gaming. The video gaming industry has fallen victim to a great number of corporate practices plaguing other industries. The “realistic” remakes

This Hobby of Mine — Jacob Deck

Hobbies are fundamental aspects of ourselves. They help define who we are as individuals; they are the things we choose to immerse ourselves in with what little free time we have. This column aims to explore the vast range of unique and interesting hobbies and pastimes hidden within the Lawrence community, and to grant insight