Best MMA on YouTube

For those of you who may be in a lull between massive fight cards and want to watch amateurs or semi-pro fighters beat the living daylights out of each other then look no further than some of the following channels on YouTube that offer some of the best and worst MMA spectacles that you can find. Of course, sites like WorldStar offer some quality street fighting footage, but I prefer to enjoy my blood sport with established rules like a classy person even if they take place in some random blood-stained warehouse in an unknown European country. Forewarning, many of these fights are horrendously violent and/or just hard to watch because they are bad. They are nonetheless entertaining depending on what you can tolerate. I do not know if I am allowed to promote these things on The Lawrentian, but we will see if this gets published. On to a list of my personal favorite channels.

This list starts off with classic backyard MMA. The STREETBEEFS YouTube channel is run by Chris “Scarface” Wilmore from his backyard in Virginia. The club has become a safe zone for people who had beef with each other that allowed them to settle it outside of street violence and the law. The fighters are unpaid with no admission fees and thus falls outside the jurisdiction of the law. Fighters show up to throw hands or whatever rules they are following under the supervision of whatever referee is volunteering at the moment. At the start, the fighters were mainly Virginia natives who lived close the backyard, but now some come from outside states just to participate. Over time, the setting has changed, even switching states at some points, but the so called “Satan’s Backyard” remains similar throughout with the fighters being fenced into a makeshift octagon with spectators and coaches screaming throughout the videos. The channel boasts 2.42 million subscribers and continues to rise as they keep pushing out quality content.

Favorite STREETBEEFS video: STREETBEEFS Title Match: Iraqi Assassin vs Unknown

Next on the list of quality channels is DEFEND Fight Club (DFC). This channel is based in Germany, but hosts a diversity of fighters and fighting styles following strict MMA rules. Anyone is able to participate regardless of skill level as the organization promises to pair up participants based on skill level. The fights take place outside in some grassy field in Germany with no real boundaries other than the spectators and fights take place in summers or snowy winters. The production value of these fights is pretty good as the fighters are given introductions, and replays and corner talk are shown between rounds. It would look nearly professional if it was not taking place outside in some random field. The channel’s website even has an application that you can fill out if you want to participate in one of these fights which would make any trip to Germany pretty entertaining depending on the outcome. The DFC channel has just over 200,000 subscribers and climbing since the output of videos is fairly consistent and consistently entertaining.

Favorite DFC video: African Tiger vs Persian Beast Heavyweight Street fight KO

Up next is a more professional looking channel that develops up and coming MMA fighters looking to make it in professional promotions. The B2 Fighting Series channel has 177,000 subscribers and boasts great amateur fights in a much more organized looking setting with a typical cage and canvas set up where fighters look to develop their skills against other up and coming opponents. Following typical MMA rules, the fights are often exciting as the fighters try to prove themselves among their equals. The organization does feed fighters into bigger name promotions such as the recent exciting debut of former B2FS fighter Terrance McKinney into the UFC this last year. If you want a possibility at witnessing the next MMA star, this channel may be where you can find them.

Favorite B2FS video: B2FS 132: Rakim Cleveland vs Kelvin Fitial: Heavyweight Title

Saving the most brutal for last is the most violent channel that is available on YouTube which is King of the Streets (KOTS) which hosts underground fights somewhere in Europe, most likely Germany, I think. KOTS has the most brutal setting for MMA as the fights usually take place entrapped in some chain link fencing under solid brick or concrete floors. The fighters don their bare hands with minimal wrapping and proceed to land head slamming takedowns on the solid ground and bloody strikes as the bare knuckles cut across the head. These fights are typically short or all out wars. Some of the most brutal looking fights on the internet can be found here and although they may be very hard to watch at times, the eyes are still drawn to the violence.

Favorite KOTS video: King of the Streets 55: Insanus vs Shooter