Saying goodbye to outgoing staff

This is the final edition of The Lawrentian for this publishing cycle, meaning it’s time for us to say some goodbyes. As we finish up this edition, we wanted to give our outgoing staff members the opportunity to reflect on their time with The Lawrentian and share what the experience has meant to them.

The Lawrentian will be back second week of Spring Term with new leadership!

Molly Ruffing, Outgoing Editor-in-Chief

I originally joined The Lawrentian to fulfill what I like to call my “little girl dreams.” I always wanted to be a writer, and this was my way to be one even if I was no longer pursuing the career. Originally, the game plan was just to write. Looking back, though, I can see that I have grown not just as a writer but, also, as a listener, a leader, and an overall human being. The Lawrentian is not the same organization I wrote for four years ago, and I’m not the same person either. My time with The Lawrentian has been filled with growth, and I am grateful to have had these opportunities to learn. 

I am excited to see what is next for The Lawrentian and am pleased to say that I am leaving it in good hands. 

Ethan Wachendorf, Outgoing Managing Editor

My time at The Lawrentian has been filled with controversy and trying times. It would be a lie to say that I have enjoyed every second of my tenure. That said, I feel that every moment I have spent working for The Lawrentian has been a valuable one. I have gotten to work with some amazing people, become familiar with parts of the university that I never knew existed, and help implement changes and policies that I believe can make a difference for current staff members and future ones. I hope progress continues to be made and the student body continues to interact with the paper to create meaningful discourse. The Lawrentian is a gem of this university, sometimes a hidden one, and I feel lucky to have been a part of producing and distributing it for multiple years!

Shania Johnson, Outgoing Copy Chief

I wish I joined The Lawrentian sooner. I started working at The Lawrentian last winter term as a copy editor, then promoted to copy chief, not realizing how quickly my role would end. It is a strange and bittersweet feeling. The training wheels never quite fell off, and that has been a thrill. I am grateful for my ever-accepting and dry-humor having executive teammates, Molly and Ethan, and the people I have had the pleasure of working with. Thank you for the challenges. My wish for the future of The Lawrentian is that it will become way more diverse. It is an overwhelmingly white newspaper, and I challenge the new leaders with this task. Goodluck and farewell!

Gannon Flynn, Outgoing Sports Editor

I joined the Lawrentian as a sports writer, and left as the sports editor, but I have to say I’m not particular about any one position – working in a field of talented writers with good connections is all I could ask for. Honestly, though, I’m grateful to have been able to put in time as editor. I got to meet a lot of motivated writers, and I’m proud to have one of them succeed me in the sports section. Good luck, Sean, and it’s been fun.

Celeste Reyes, Outgoing Variety Editor

Working for The Lawrentian has been a wonderful experience overall. I’ve loved working with my fellow Ed-board members and attending our weekly meetings. They always left me in a good mood after a long day. As the outgoing Variety section editor, I just wanted to acknowledge how fantastic all my artists and writers have been. I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many creative and talented individuals that have filled the Variety section with so much… well, variety! There was always something to look forward to in our section and I’m so honored to have been a part of that these past few years. Wishing all the best to all the incoming section editors and may you also have an awesome experience working here!  

Sarah Matthews, Outgoing A&E Editor

As someone who has always found it difficult to fit into a group, being a member of The Lawrentian has been one of the most welcoming communities. Being the Arts & Entertainment Editor of The Lawrentian has challenged me in both professional and personal manners, which I am forever grateful for. I have also met some of my closest friends during my time at The Lawrentian, which I am even more thankful for. I am appreciative of the opportunities this community has given me to grow, and I can’t wait to see what incredible steps they take in the future.

Nora Murphy, Outgoing Web Manager

What a joy it has been to spend just about 2 years at The Lawrentian! I started right as the pandemic began and it has been quite the journey since then. I have ushered The Lawrentian through a podcast, social media transition, new website, and a newsletter! I will miss my weekly meetings with the ed-board, but I won’t miss my late-night hours in the office. Best of luck to the rest of The Lawrentian staff! I can’t wait to read what you publish, online of course :)