So, What’s the Deal with Voyager?

Voyager will become a close friend during your time at Lawrence. On Voyager, you will do everything from register for classes to submit time sheets for your on-campus employment.
It will be a confusing site to navigate at first, but have no fear— you will soon learn its ways and, hopefully, this guide will help.

Need to add money to your Viking Gold account?

Viking Gold can be used to pay for laundry and to buy things from the corner store when you run out of culinary cash.

To add Viking Gold to your account, visit the Student Services tab and scroll to the fourth row of subsections. There you will find the way you can add Viking Gold either through your Student Account or with a Credit Card.

Want to meet with a tutor?

Meeting with a tutor is an assumed part of being a Lawrence student. Tutors are not just there to help you when you are at risk of failing a class; they are there to help you feel confident in your courses and make sure you understand the material.

To request a meeting with a tutor, visit the Center for Academic Success tab on voyager and select the Tutoring Request subsection. From there, you just need to select the class you would like help with, what type of tutoring you need, what times work for you and what kind of help is needed.

Congrats on getting a job! Now you need to submit your time sheet.

To submit a time sheet, visit the Employee Services tab and select Time Sheets. From there, you will fill out your time sheet for your job. Don’t forget to save your time sheet each time you edit it and submit it at the end of each pay period!

Wondering how you change your name, gender or pronouns?

Visit the Personal Information tab of Voyager and select How to Change Personal Information; from there, you will need to visit the “Name, Gender or Pronouns” page and follow their instructions.

You are now ready to use Voyager! Go forth and succeed.