Composting at Lawrence

For the 2021-22 school year, there will be over 50 compost bins around campus in every major residence hall, most academic buildings (excluding Main Hall and the library) and most office buildings. These are provided and maintained by the LU Environmental Organization and brought to SLUG garden’s compost pile.

Look for the green compost bins near a kitchen(ette) or building entrance!

Anyone wanting to help take care of a compost bin can contact LU Environmental Organization President Lauren Kelly at Club meetings will be every Sunday at 2 p.m. and are open to anyone!

The LU Environmental Organization’s other projects include battery recycling, electronics recycling and sustainable menstruation programs!

You can find collection bins for batteries or old/broken electronics in the entrances of major residence halls.

Look out for free reusable/washable menstrual pads (and eventually menstrual cups) in the Diversity & Intercultural Center and the Food Pantry (on the first floor of Memorial Hall).

Acceptable compost items include: Raw vegetables and fruits, coffee grounds, tea bags, plants, eggshells.

Please do not put paper products in compost bins!