Lawrence Lexicon

Bon App: Bon Appétit is Lawrence’s dining services provider.

The Con: The Conservatory — lovingly referred to as the Con — is where our muscial Lawrentians spend most of their waking hours.

Con Couches: In the basement of the Con, you’ll find two clusters of couches. To all you con students — Embrace them. Love them. They are your home.

Cul Cash: Culinary Cash is part of your meal plan. You can use it in the Café and the Corner Store to buy food you wouldn’t normally find in the Commons. Be sure to budget wisely, though, so that you can still afford a fancy coffee to get you through finals!

The Green: Main Hall Green is the big lawn right in front of Main Hall. It’s a great spot to string up a hammock or just lay out in the grass when you’re a little overwhelmed.

Honor Code: Yes, you are really expected to reaffirm the Lawrence University Honor Code on every assignment by writing IHRTLUHC and your initials. You can write out “I hereby reaffirm the Lawrence University Honor Code” if you’d prefer, but we’ve found that there just aren’t enough hours in the day for that sort of long-hand.

The Lawrence Busy: Lawrentians have a bad habit of being interested in everything. While it often stems from a place of immense curiosity, it almost always leads to excessive busy-ness and burn-out. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

The Lawrence Look-Around: Lawrence is small; you have to look around if you’re going to talk shit.

LUaroo: LUaroo is Lawrence’s own on-campus music festival hosted every spring. The Band Booking Committee brings in artists from around the Midwest and features student groups. Arguments on the pronunciation continue to this day.

LUCC: The Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) is Lawrence’s take on student government. They’re our favorite office neighbors even though they do have the window.

Marky-Mark: Mark Burstein was Lawrence University President prior to Laurie Carter’s tenure. Marky-Mark and his husband David will always be a part of the Lawrence community. To their dog, Homer, though, we miss you dearly and hope you’re doing well. — xoxo, your #1 fans

The Nip: The Nipple of Knowledge is the cupula on Main Hall. Since no one knows what a cupula is, we don’t bother with that terminology — it’s just the Nip!

The Quad: The quad is the patch of grass between the group houses where you can play sand volleyball or have a sunny picnic with your friends.

Rage Cage: Sage the Rage Cage is not necessarily always housing “ragers,” but it sure is a fun nickname for this dorm. The Res-Ed Office does not endorse this name.

River: If you’re going to follow any new friend on Instagram, make sure you follow @riverthecondog to see some cute pictures from “a pup who knows what’s up.” She can be found roaming the halls of the Con with the Pertls.

River Bugs: Prepare yourself.

Sabin: The Esch Hurvis Center for Spiritual and Religious Life was formerly named Sabin House. One of these names is definitely more of a mouthful, and one will likely still be used for eternity.

Stanley: Stanley Snowden is one of the beloved Bon App workers in the Cafe. He is generous to a fault when it comes to his ice cream servings, but Stanley Scoops are one of his greatest gifts to Lawrentians.

Tilly: Tilly — often referred to by her full name, Tilly the Dog — can be found roaming Raymond House, being featured in a res. hall activity or dragging her human, Curt Lauderdale, around to look at bunnies. She’s friendly and will even welcome you during her bunny hunts!

VR: The Viking Room (VR) is the campus bar located in the basement of Memorial Hall. Must be 21+ to enter, and this isn’t the place to try using a fake.

Warch: Warch Campus Center has multiple dining options. When you walk in the front doors, note that you’re on the third floor!

Yellow Lights: If you’re crossing College Avenue, we better hear the monotonous chant of “YELLOW LIGHTS ARE FLASHING.”