Hiett Hall: First residence dedicated in 25 years

Romina Mihaila

Hiett Hall, Lawrence´s first new dorm since Kohler Hall, was dedicated in a ceremony yesterday. Its construction was made possible by an $8 million donation from the building´s namesake, Kim Hiett Jordan. (John Gale)

On Thursday, Oct. 16, Hiett Hall officially became part of Lawrence University during a building dedication ceremony.The Lawrence community has been adjusting to the new residence hall since returning to school this fall. The dedication ceremony, which took place on Thursday, hopefully gave people a chance to become more familiarized with Hiett Hall.

The new residence hall is a step forward on the way of improving residence life at Lawrence and was made possible by alum Kim Hiett Jordan, who generously donated $8 million.

The dedication of the building opened in a festive manner with ribbon-cutting ceremony and continued with ceremonial speeches given by President Rik Warch and by Jordan.

The event provided an opportunity for the members of the Board of Trustees to take the grand tour of the impressive $15 million residence hall.

A formal dinner for the Board of Trustees and a piano concert offered by Lawrence piano professor Michael Kim at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center concluded the Hiett Hall celebration.

Wednesday, grounds crews were out sprucing up the entryway, painting the cement on the walkway between Hiett and Ormsby halls.

The ceremony marked the dedication of Lawrence’s seventh residence hall.

As to the question of whether Hiett Hall is a necessity or a luxury, Warch made it clear in his speech that the construction of another residence hall was “long needed.”

Not only does Hiett Hall expand the number of rooms Lawrence can offer for residents, allowing housing for an increased student enrollment, but it also creates variety in the Lawrence residence options with the predominance of quad and quad suite rooms in the new hall.

The building is largely comprised of quads due to a student survey in which Lawrence students indicated their preference for more quad and suite arrangements in campus residences.

Peter Holstein, a senior living in one of the quad suites commented, “I really like living in a quad.”

The new hall has received praise from many of the people living in it.

Curt Lauderdale, residence hall director, said, “It’s a great facility, and we’re lucky to have it.”

Most students residing in Hiett seem to agree, for the most part with all the praise.

Tasha Prouty, a junior, was still somewhat in awe of her new room.

“It’s too nice for students, seriously,” she said, “I don’t feel like I can put anything on the walls. They’re too perfect,” noting that the place still feels a bit like a hotel.

Seriously, she did note that the view from her room was very nice.

Other students expressed their satisfaction with the size of their rooms.

Jonas Hackett, also a junior living in a quad, could just say, The random green walls are nice,” commenting on the one green wall in his quad.

He also said, “It’s just plain huge. One of the rooms is bigger than my room last year [in Ormsby].