Trvia Weekend ’02 to an estranged alumnus

As an Uberteam alumnus, I was concurrently disappointed and gladdened by the final scores of this year’s Trivia contest. Disappointed because my old team fell two points short of defending its title; gladdened because it was such a close race that I’m sure adrenaline-induced fun was had by all. And fun–not winning–is and has always been the point.This fun is infectious, prompting alumni, estranged Appletonians, and journeyman trivia enthusiasts to travel hundreds or thousands of miles for the opportunity to stay awake for 52 hours, eat take out, and fall asleep in a stranger’s bed.

I was unable to drive to Appleton to contribute to the hullabaloo this year and would therefore like to extend my appreciation to those responsible for facilitating the “webcast” of the contest. I confidently speak for many other alumni when I say that it was a special treat to tune in and hear my old friends in their element: zany with sleep-deprivation.

I would also like to express the dismay I felt when a certain Trivia Master and dear friend confessed on the air that he did not know the definition of the word “defenestrate.” I won’t repeat this student’s name (it rhymes with “Padam Elzer”), but I will say that any history enthusiast like him–particularly one who is distinguished for his knowledge of minutia–should have encountered that word in regard to a rather significant 1618 event.

But seriously: a two-point contest and an on-air marriage doesn’t get much better than that. Kudos to Curtis Dye, his assisting Trivia Masters, and creative “jam-team” namers for an entertaining weekend.

Tom Shriner, `01