Editors’ Picks

Bill Cosby – Saturday, Oct. 10, 3 p.m., Fox Cities Performing Arts Center
Renowned comedian performs in Appleton! One night only! Tickets start at $43 at the PAC or online via Ticketmaster. If you have never seen him perform live, you should get your tickets quickly!
Lawrence Symphony Orchestra Concert – Saturday, Oct. 10, 8 p.m., chapel
LSO kicks off the year with its first concert, playing works by Sibelius, Nielsen and Tchaikovsky. This is sure to be a great evening of beautiful music. Check it out!
“Out of Body Gestation: In Whose Best Interest? – Monday, Oct. 12, 7 p.m., Wriston auditorium
Rosemarie Tong, distinguished professor in health care ethics at the University of North Carolina, discusses ethical concerns about artificial wombs. Artificial wombs could be used for human reproduction in the near future.
World Music Series: “Echoes from the Dreamtime: A Cultural Exploration of the Didjeridu” – Wednesday, Oct. 14, 8 p.m., Harper Hall
Brian Pertl, dean of the Conservatory, will lecture and demonstrate how the simple didjeridu influenced Australian Aboriginal culture.