Staff Editorial

This past Wednesday, we, the members of The Lawrentian, were lucky enough to be given a tour of the new Warch Campus Center by the very personable Greg Griffin, the Campus Center director. That we were impressed should go without saying. As it stands now, the campus center promises to be an incredibly important and positive addition to campus, come next fall.
What struck us as one of the most impressive and promising parts of the new campus center was how environmentally friendly the new building will be. We knew that the campus center was following specific guidelines to earn silver LEED certification, but walking in the building and realizing all the specific efforts that have been taken to make this building as green as possible really drives the point home.
From the local stone used to make to the floors, taken from local quarries, to the waterless urinals, to the organic, fair-trade, locally owned Alterra coffee, this building practically shouts “green.”
We find the forethought that has gone into the campus center so encouraging because it shows our university making good on its Green Roots theme. We obviously would like to see more efforts like this in the future, and environmentalism should remain an overarching theme that guides any future decisions.
Right now, however, we just want to say that we are enthusiastically anticipating the opening of the campus center – especially the new pizza stove – next fall and that we would like to take our (hard) hats off to everyone involved.