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Drinks and drivingAn overturned semi in Indiana spilled 700 cases of Bud Lite across the roadway.

Driver Michael Maitz was headed north and tipped the truck over while going around a curve. He was treated and released at a local Hospital.

“Indiana State Police spent the afternoon detouring traffic and shooing away people who wanted to help clean up the mess.”

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Richmond, IN

Coffee and… cream?

According to a group of Brazilian scientist, coffee makes sperm go faster. The study sought to establish if caffeine could be a viable component of an infertility treatment for men.

University of Sao Paulo researcher tested sperm quality in 750 men. They ranged from frequent coffee drinkers to those who never drank coffee.

Regardless of amount of coffee ingested, sperm motion, sperm concentration and hormone levels remained the same. “However, sperm motility was higher in patients who drink coffee compared those who do not,” says the team.

Another study found that marijuana had a detrimental effect. Marijuana smoking reduces both the quantity and volume of sperm produced.

Like coffee, marijuana causes sperm to swim faster, but only temporarily. Then the sperm experience a “burnout.”

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Blitzed bird blitzkrieg

German police thwarted an evil crow by getting it drunk using cat food soaked in fruit schnapps with a high-alcohol content. They apprehended the crow because it had been attacking pedestrians, including a young girl and a woman.

A spokesman for the police stated, “The crow was completely smashed.” They reported that it was being kept in a local animal home and had yet to awaken.

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The handyman can

Austrian technicians are using a system of thought transference to enable a paralyzed man to lift his hand and drink from a glass, achieving a medical first.

Thanks to a “brain-computer interface” developed by a research team in Graz, 27-year-old Thomas Schweiger has been able to perform the simple, but for him previously impossible, actions for the first time since he was paralyzed from the neck down in a swimming accident in Malta in 1998.

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