Dining for Dummies

Ceilidh Mar

Tired of the grease soaked burgers, cooked how long ago and with what kind of meat? hamburgers of the dining halls? Well, luckily Appleton offer’s some downright good burgers, some within a quick walk from campus.Cinder’s Charcoal Grill
2369 W. Wisconsin Ave.

This restaurant separates itself from the majority of most burger joints because it charcoal grills all of its burgers. This gives its burgers a real homemade feeling and really changes the taste. A well-known locally owned restaurant, Cinder’s is a great place to go when you just want to sit down and enjoy a good burger.

JD’s Drive-In Restaurant Inc.
1939 E. John St.

One of the friendliest little restaurants in town, JD’s features great, simple burgers as well as ice cream and fries. Not just a drive-in JD’s offers a fast and filling menu and isn’t far from campus. A great option for when you are low on money and can’t eat another Downer meal.

Tom’s Drive-In
109 S. Walter Ave.

A local favorite for burger’s and fried cheese curds, Tom’s is inexpensive and if you like fried foods this is the place to find them. This often recommended burger joint is a great find and easy to get to from campus. For the best results eat there, the sometime lively atmosphere is fun and the food is much better fresh out of the fryer.

Red Robin of Appleton
N. 109 Stoney Brook Rd.

A little further to go from campus than the other options, Red Robin made the list not only because it serves some really big, delicious burgers in lots of different varieties but also that it offers the option of either Boca or veggie burgers in all of those varieties too. This place is where you go when you want the loaded burger and all the options with great steak fries.

Wooden Nickel Sports Bar and Grill
217 E. College Ave.

This is that great burger smell that sometimes hits you as you are walking down the Ave. It’s just a really good burger that’s just a step from campus. The draw back to the Wooden Nickel? It’s obviously a bar setting so if you don’t like smoke and beer with your burger this may not be the place for you. On the other hand, what Lawrentian doesn’t like a good beer with their burger?