STAFF EDITORIAL: Report vandalism for a safer campus

With the number of parking spots for students so limited here on campus, and the demand so high for faculty and student parking, Lawrence started a system to allow parking in the Younker’s ramp. We believe this is a move that most Lawrence students appreciated. However, there have been an number of vandalisms and break-ins to the cars parked in the ramp that raise security issues.

According to Vince Maas, the head of Campus Services, the city police patrol the ramps. But this is not enough.

When questioned about vandalism and other incidents, Maas said that there had been no recent reports filed with the office.

If indeed there are incidents occurring, simple communication could be the first step to a solution.

Students should report any incident to the authorities on campus as well as the Appleton police department. Both the university and the city should ensure that any incidents are taken seriously. Lawrence should then advocate for their safety.

Nothing can change until students alert the university to the problems. Students can only be adequately protected if the officials have the correct and pertinent information. Protect yourself: inform the authorities and school.