Copper Rock reigns supreme

Copper Rock reigns supreme
Andy Dolan

Copper Rock reigns supreme (Julien Poncet)

In a world where putrid, insipid, and otherwise repugnant brews are passed off as respectable coffee every single day, it is reassuring that an establishment like Copper Rock can still exist. Indeed, it seems to be a sign that some self-respecting people still have taste. Those seeking salvation from the tyranny of the seemingly endless proliferation of Starbucks and other establishments where achieving corporate objectives and higher earnings per share have long overshadowed any desire to produce quality coffee should visit Copper Rock as soon as possible.

The atmosphere is suitable and inviting, with a bright dcor, high ceilings, and plenty of seating. The staff is exceptionally friendly and eager to please. After you order, they will bring drinks to the table and clear away your dishes when you are done. Overall, the service is top-notch.

The most important part of any coffee house is, of course, the coffee. Copper Rock uses Victor Allen’s coffee, which, although not preferable to coffee roasted on location, is far and away superior to the coffee found in other Appleton coffee shops. It is roasted several miles away in Little Chute, which allows for consistently fresh coffee.

Several blends of drip coffee are available; they rotate throughout the week as blends of the day. The Kenyan is especially notable. There is also a house blend available every day that is quite good.

The staff is well-trained and always makes the coffee well, so one need not worry about incompetents ruining otherwise high-quality coffee. The espresso drinks are similarly well created, with the breve being my personal favorite, right after the ubiquitous double shot of espresso.

Copper Rock also offers food items, including sandwiches and soups at lunchtime as well as salads, cheesecake, and other baked goods. The sandwiches are excellent, but there is room for improvement in the quality and variety of baked goods. Fresh baked items from local bakeries would be preferable to the current offerings, but keeping prices reasonable is quite possibly a restraint in this respect.

Overall, Copper Rock is unequivocally recommended to anyone looking for good coffee that is otherwise something of a rarity in Appleton.