Delt frustrated by FGH choice

Robert Campagna

I write this article not because I think it will change anything, but because I intend to inform the Lawrence community about a serious situation, and to voice my disgust for the current administration. The Delta Tau Delta house recently was refused its formal group housing ‘privilege’ for next year. This was the conclusion of nine specially handpicked students by the dictator-like president Dick Warch. Furthermore, Warch spinelessly kept the names of the committee as well as the minutes of the meeting confidential (The files probably never to be declassified until the day the government tells us who really killed Jimmy Hoffa). This was a new policy formed by Warch who felt the LUCC could not handle forming a competent committee in the time frame they had. This single action shows that LUCC is merely a puppet to make students feel they have influence at Lawrence, while Warch and his staff of malicious drones (Dean Truesdell, Amy Uecke and the formal group housing committee) will override whatever power the Lawrence students have whenever there is a decision that needs to go in their favor.

My ‘group’ was denied housing primarily because the FGH committee deemed that the house did not do a proper job of making students feel welcomed. The committee conveniently overlooked that it is quite difficult to have campus wide relations when we have been placed on probation for over a year (the members responsible for the probation have been graduated for almost a year). They also failed to recognize our numerous accolades in philanthropy, community service, athletics, other campus activities and most notably, the classroom.

What Warch, Truesdale, Uecke and their fellow cohorts are attempting to do is mold this campus. However, the fact that their biblical-like vision for Lawrence may not be something the student body is happy with doesn’t seem to stop the guerilla-like force of “The Trio of Square-ness” (Warch, Trusedale, and Uecke). When Warch picked this ‘mock committee’ of nine, he said he picked them for their ability to represent Lawrence fairly. I however do not believe this, and feel sorry for the nine students who have been used as pathetic tools of an unjust administration.

I know that many people could care less if we have a house. However, if you choose to ignore this it may come to screw you over in the long run. Picture this: What if this administration unfairly took away something very dear to you? Well, if you haven’t thought about it you should because Warch and his wrecking crew may be out to get you next! Lastly, I want to add that this editorial is expressing my opinion as an individual AND DOES NOT REPRESENT MY HOUSE AS A WHOLE.