Phi Kappa Tau bids farewell to its house

Peter Iversen

Earlier this term, the brothers of Phi Kappa Tau’s Mu chapter learned that the house that we have occupied for over sixty years would no longer be ours. The overriding feeling among us is that this decision is final and is therefore out of our control. We are extremely grateful to the university for the future use of 741 East John. We are working closely with members of the administration, and we will continue to benefit from these constructive meetings. It should be made as clear as possible that Phi Tau is intent on meeting this change with dignity and respect.

The gentlemen of Phi Tau are and always have been men of character. This is, we hope, reflected in the way that we present ourselves on this campus. Our parties are safe, entertaining and unique. Our philanthropy gives back to both the campus and the community. We justly represent fraternity interests at Lawrence University Community Council Meetings, and we impartially help administer the Inter-Fraternity Council. Phi Tau, we feel, is an integral group on this campus.

This will not change; a change in address is just that and nothing more. Phi Tau will still be the same fraternity it has been. We want to be explicit: Phi Tau will not disappear. The gentlemen of Phi Tau will continue to preserve the values that were established. To prove our point we invite you to our house at 10 tomorrow night for the 75th anniversary of Le Brawl. When the oldest national theme party begins for the last time at 206 Lawe we would like you to be there.