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tablet, a combination between
keyboard-free laptop and smartphone,
was unveiled Wednesday
in San Francisco. Steve Jobs,
Apple’s CEO, said the device is
so fast, “it screams,” and that
it also has a reader function for
books and magazines.
WASHINGTON – President
Barack Obama delivered the
State of the Union address
Wednesday, Jan. 27. In addition
to addressing key issues such as
health care, climate change and
Afghanistan, he focused on his
ideas for stimulating the economy,
which included increasing
jobs, freezing government
program spending and instituting
a small business tax credit.
He hopes Americans will “seize
this moment-to start anew, to
carry the dream forward and
to strengthen our union once
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – A teenage
girl was rescued from rubble
on Wednesday, 15 days after
the magnitude 7 earthquake and
its aftershocks. At least 200,000
people have been killed in the