Beaners provides good stuff plus personality

Beaners provides good stuff plus personality
Lauren Semivan

Beaners provides good stuff plus personality (Julien Poncet)

It’s 9:00 p.m. on a quiet Tuesday night. My roommate and I are walking towards “Beaners Coffee Haus.” Outside, the storefront is crowded with locals, hippies, and a few tattoo kids. They are doing their thing on the sidewalk or quietly studying inside. (I have a distinct memory, from my freshman year, of seeing a guy standing on this very corner wearing only a diaper…)

Beaners is into all kinds of ritualistic coffee production and presentation. They will brew you any coffee you want out of a huge selection of their own freshly roasted beans. It can get pretty personal.

Knowing this, I order a cappuccino from the nice lady behind the counter. Service is good. The nice lady gives us a punch card so that we can get free espresso some day.

This cappuccino is Tah-sty and affordable. Not only is it correctly made and presented, but the foam is thick enough to balance a nickel on top, which I did-and then proceeded to drink the dirty money foam.

The atmosphere is nice. It’s a little on the psychedelic side (HUGE lotus flower painting with coffee beans flying out of it), but Lindsay is happy because they are playing The Police.

My cappuccino makes me think I am running through fields of gold (oh my word!), but it could be just due to the fact that I can hear Sting’s voice in the background (pre-adult contemporary Sting, that is).

Beaners also has fresh pastries, sodas, non-coffee drinks, gourmet syrups, bulk coffee, and hilarious Readers Digest Condensed books from the 1950s to read while you enjoy your Tah-sty beverage.

Patronize Beaners if you are looking for psychedelic murals, friendly personal service, and the possibility of seeing a guy in a diaper.