Casa Mexico: Mexican food that’s affordable and delish

Casa Mexico
Lindsay Moore & Nick Siegel

Casa Mexico (Julien Poncet)

What’s that fabulous smell you might be experiencing on the Ave? That’s right, it’s that new Mexican restaurant, Casa Mexico. This week we had the pleasure of experiencing what this new stop on College Avenue has to offer. Perhaps you may be thinking that authentic sit-in Mexican eateries had all but vanished from the Ave, but what Casa Mexico presupposes is, “Maybe they didn’t?”

Casa Mexico boasts authentic cooking in a cultural environment, as well as kind, attentive service. The restaurant caters to all types of diners, ranging from the health-conscious vegetarian to the staunch beef lover.

In addition to the excellent service and variety, Casa Mexico is ideal for the college student, with prices rarely exceeding the $10 mark.

They really make these entres worth it to the student diner, because in addition to the tasty, aromatic nature of the food, they dish out an incredibly filling portion that may only be rivaled at Victoria’s!

But whoa; to top it off, Casa Mexico is both closer and less expensive than Lawrence’s favorite “Ristorante Italiano.”

Upon arrival at Casa Mexico, you will be provided with complementary chips and salsa by the basketful. This appetizer is refilled indefinitely, tantalizing your taste buds just enough to prepare them for a most excellent meal. The succulent dishes-cheesy, spicy, and hot off the pan-are brought to your table in a timely manner by a conscientious wait staff that never needs to be told when your water glass needs refilling.

Between the low, intimate lighting, the warm stucco walls, and the lush greenery, the atmosphere is so inviting that you can even forgive the overproduced sounds of adult contemporary wafting down through the air.

Take comfort instead in the friendly staff, free chips and salsa, and the mountain of mouthwatering ecstasy filling the plate in front of you.

It was muy bien.