Top Ten things this year that made us ask ***WTF**?! -dlh

Peter Gillette

10. Installing ashtrays at the entrance to residence halls the moment before smoking halos go into effect.
9. Painting the grill orange **and** getting rid of those cool flags.
8. Filling the first floor of Hiett with incontinent, beer-guzzling 6-year-olds.
7. Towing cars on Martin Luther King Day. Have a heart, why don’t ya!
6. The Fox River is now completely free of industrial waste. ***(This message sponsored by Wisconsin’s Papermakers Of Lightly Littering Utilitarian Toxins In Our Northeast)***
5. Chef Bob out-teaches many of our professors.
4. You know, we kind of **miss** that comforting hum of the Warch era’s construction implements.
3. Octoberfest. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve seen it; you just **have** to ask what the hell is happening.
2. That precise, sudden, early-January moment when quoting “Napoleon Dynamite” was no longer cool.
1. Facebook.