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William Dalsen

This past term shared similarities and differences with middle terms of the past. The cold, dark days of Wisconsin winter encompassed the progress and problems of Lawrnce during a term characterized in no small part by controversy.
Lawrentians were perhaps most surprised by LCF’s proselytizing blitz following Ann Miller’s letter to the editor. Religion quickly became the topic of conversation; some questioned the very publication of Miller’s views in this paper, while others opted to oppose her viewpoints and methods.
Another notable development was the recent elimination of super-senior standing by LUCC. While the legislation still needs to be signed by President Beck, it nevertheless seems that a staple of Residence Life at Lawrence is now gone.
Building on our reporting from first term, we provided additional evidence that the Senior Streak email trace *******– and the policy vacuum that allowed it ********– should remain a crucial student issue. Until a publicly-proclaimed policy on this matter is enacted, there is perhaps no way for Lawrentians to be assured of electronic privacy.
The Honor Council also came under scrutiny for its inability to answer key questions about their precedents and practices. Many Lawrentians have concerns about the Honor Code, whether those concerns are rooted in the absence of intent in Honor Council deliberations, the lack of a uniform method to detect plagiarism, or the lack of public precedents. Until these questions are answered, it appears that the code is in need of revision.
Aside from controversy, Lawrence administrators offered effective responses to student needs. The introduction of electronic registration will greatly streamline the process, and eliminate the need for students to stand forever in the chilly morning hours to get into that statistics class. Also, the impressive fundraising to refit Alexander Gym and the continuous efforts of the industrious Paul Shrode and many other administrators reaffirm in our minds that Lawrence is a good place to live.