Classic Film Club to show “Super Troopers” -dlh

In a move that is expected to raise attendance at Classic Film Club movie screenings, the organization announced Wednesday that the club, which in the past has aimed to expose students to classic films from years gone by, will now focus on showing movies that students actually want to see.
“Attendance has been steadily declining for years,” explained Classic Film Club member Ted Engles. “We had hoped that the liberally-educated students here might prefer elaborate plots or clever scripting, but it looks like college kids just want crude humor and mild nudity. We decided it was time to can the old-timey stuff and give the students what they want: policemen chugging maple syrup.”
Many students on campus are very excited for the change in programming. Junior Andy Farling said, “Yeah, I went to one of those movies once, I think, but I didn’t get it. There was like, so many words, and stuff. But dude, I’m totally stoked to see ‘Half Baked’ for, like, the eighth time this weekend. Yeah!”
With a schedule that includes such perennial favorites as “Dumb and Dumber,” “Tommy Boy,” and “American Pie,” this season of Classic Film Club movies looks to be a big success.