Point: To Deny Friendship, Ingrid, is to Deny Humanity -jcr -dlh

Paul Karner

In a world that has forever been plagued by war and social injustice, where hope is constantly becoming a dying dream in the wake of unceasing tragedies ********– it is all we can do but reclaim the prospect of social harmony and the goodness of the human heart by reaching out in the smallest of ways to our fellow citizens of the world. However I can’t help but join the jaded majority in their constant disillusionment when I put forth my hand in good faith and it is spit upon by some black-hearted human being and thrown back in my face with the coldest indifference.
Ingrid Johnson, when I requested that you confirm our friendship on the Lawrence Facebook I was asking not as a desperate plea to gain personal self-worth or as a way to extend my social appeal by appearing more congenial than I actually am in person, but rather as a way of acknowledging the possibility of two human beings connecting in a world that is constantly set on tearing people apart. After all, we have conversations discussing our family history, favorite movie stars, dream vacations, and the things we have in our bedrooms. How can you shut the door on our prospective relationship without even giving it a chance to blossom?
Perhaps you were put off by my choice of “3 Ninjas Kick Back” as a favorite movie or my personal quote from “Captain Planet,” both of which I posted solely for their ironic appeal and not to serve as an accurate portrayal of myself. Whether it was my eclectic musical tastes or my “Oh him? He/she’s just a friend” dating status that you found so unappealing, I feel as though your selfish response shows how far the materialistic views of our society have seeped into the fertile hearts of our generation.
I weep for this day, Ingrid. I hope for your sake that the ice on your cold heart breaks away before you find yourself a bitter lonely old woman reading Hemingway in your rocking chair, unable to see the sun rising between your rusted old shutters.
Current Mood: Disillusioned.