Res Hall Review

Reid Stratton

Gosford Park (2001)
Running Time: 137 min.
Stars: Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, Kristin Scott Thomas
Found at: HiettA multi-layered plot that takes place in an English manor during the 1930s, this movie deals with issues from greed to socio-economic status to sex. Aristocrat William McCordle (Gambon) is getting on in his years, and everyone wants a piece of his fortune. The movie begins as McCordle’s friends arrive at his home for a weekend shooting party.

Comments: The acting in this movie couldn’t be better. This film stars some of the best actors in England, and even a few from the States. Of course, the downside is that half the dialogue is lost in the heavy British accents. The screenplay is fast and complicated, so don’t expect to watch this during a loud party. There are some particularly moving parts near the end when all the stuffy aristocrats begin to show signs of humanity, and the lower class maids and butlers prove that they are the ones really in charge of the home. A perfect movie for a rainy Saturday afternoon. B+