LUCC names new theme houses

Jessie Augustyn

LUCC named two new theme houses for the 2003-2004 school year after some confusion with the Theme House Selection Committee during this Monday’s meeting. The groups are “The Backstage: Theater Outreach Group” and the Arts Collaborative Group.

The Theme House Selection Committee report recommended that “The Backstage” and the Arts Collaborative Group occupy 206 South Lawe Street and 112 North Union Street, respectively.

Despite the routine nature of the process, the committee reported some problems.

According to Julia Beien, who presented the Theme House Selection Committee report, LUCC representative Robert Ryan did not attend the selection process Sunday morning, despite efforts to contact him. There was also a botched substitution for Elena Cochrane, one of three members appointed by LUCC to represent the Residence Life Committee. Megan Losse took her place without consent from LUCC’s Committee on Committees.

Ryan’s absence and Losse’s substitution technically made the Theme House Selection Committee’s report unapprovable.

Parliamentarian Bill Dalsen and Vice President Ned Conners vocally opposed approving a report that goes against LUCC’s own bylaws. Conners stated that it would be “bad practice” to begin approving reports that were created incorrectly.

Dean of Students Nancy Truesdell expressed concern that if the houses were not approved at the meeting, the students involved with the theme house groups would have to make alternate living arrangements, causing a great deal of confusion in the housing process. She also stated that the results would have been the same regardless of how Ryan and Losse voted, since the majority of the committee members still would have approved the two group houses. The two groups were also the only applicants in this year’s selection process.

After some debate, the council took a five-minute recess to discuss different options. After they reconvened, the council decided to not approve the report, but to instead approve the houses directly.

Although the report was not approved, the results were the same; each group received the house the Theme House Selection Committee had intended them to have.

According to Dalsen, that decision was within LUCC’s jurisdiction because Theme House Selection Committee is a subcommittee of LUCC and as such its recommendations do not have to be approved.

Judicial Board appointments were announced at Monday’s meeting. New members include Zachary Brown, Bill Dalsen, Ben Hane, Elissa Harbert, Aditi Hate, Saleh Hijazi, Shahriyar Hussain, Adam Kolb, A.J. Ow, and Ben Weston. Their terms begin next year.

Student Welfare Committee member Ed Johnson presented his group’s report, addressing such issues as parking and laundry.

Currently, LUCC President Jacques Hacquebord is in contact with the City of Appleton about East Alton Street (between the Fraternity Quad and Downer block). He is asking that Lawrence be granted control of the street. Lawrence already controls East John Street in front of Sage. If the city were to agree, students would have another place to park overnight, although it is not yet determined whether the slots would be for lottery students only or open to everyone.

There was also discussion about the possibility of raising the fee Lawrence charges students to park in City of Appleton East Ramp, or old Younker’s ramp. Currently, the school pays $160 per year per slot, but only charges $25 per term. Because of budget cutbacks, some feel this may be too much of a subsidy.

The Student Welfare Committee will be meeting June 2 to discuss increasing the price of laundry tokens, possibly to 75 cents apiece. It was also noted that the New Residence Hall will contain six washing machines and nine dryers.

The Smoking Halo, approved by LUCC earlier this term and currently in effect, is not being strictly enforced, according to Johnson. While the halo is now a part of LUCC’s bylaws, the council voted not to institute special training for RLAs to enforce the halo until next year.