Gilded Ideals of the New Girl -dlh

Katharine Enoch

*********The Lawrentian******* is back, and better than ever. Our third term “changing of the guards” has welcomed seven new members and several changes to our editorial board.
Assisting Beth McHenry on news will be Emily Gonzalez. Meghan McCallum will bring insight into our features section, replacing me as I move to editor-in-chief. Former A&E Editor Reid Stratton is our new managing editor and replacing him will be the dynamic duo of Paul Karner and Cory Robertson. Partners in crime Alex Weck and Peter Griffith will be covering sports, stepping up for “old timer” Andy York. Christine Beaderstadt will be demonstrating her quick trigger finger, assisting Sandi Schwert as photo co-editor.
Departing editor-in-chief Peter Gillette has left us with a rich tradition of creativity, humor, spontaneous ingenuity, and occasionally those “Peter ideas” that make us wonder what the hell he is taking about. I hope to continue along the same veins that have brought character back into our paper. But rather than imitating Peter’s “alignment of interests” philosophy, I’d prefer to take a slightly different approach during my tenure while carrying on the successes of our previous year.
I’d prefer that *******The Lawrentian******** not read like a personal rant from someone’s livejournal. We have fought criticisms of narrow mindedness and elitist interests in the past, but as a student paper, I feel it our job to represent as well as comment on the state of the Lawrence community. I’d like this paper to be an extension of student life and interests by not only providing insight into important news and events, but also by giving a bit of humor, a philosophical tangent or two, some sound advice, and a sense of familiarity to our diverse population. My goal is that any student could pick up a copy of our paper and find something of interest.
I’m excited and eager to begin applying the new ideas that this ed-board has presented. With Reid Stratton keeping us on topic ********– in hopes of maybe making it out of the office before 4 a.m. ********– we have the potential to express a new level of creativity, new perspectives, and to appeal to a wider range of readers.