Artist Spotlight: DJ Brengle

Anna Hainze

“Artist of the week! How glam!” Ladies and gentlemen of Lawrence, I give you DJ Brengle, a junior studio art and Russian double major who is far more excited to be a featured artist than anyone I have yet to encounter.
Art is in Brengle’s very blood; his father’s side of the family is “very artistic and has the temperament to match,” so when he came to Lawrence it just seemed like the natural thing to do.
But why art at Lawrence? Said Brengle, “When I came to Lawrence I knew I was going to be involved in art in one way or another because it is just where my interests are … I’m really bad at math and I didn’t want to spend my time doing things I’m bad at.” This, by the way, is a thought process I think a lot of people skip out on when they consider their major, so kudos to Brengle.
As a student with two very diverse interests at Lawrence — Russian and printmaking — Brengle has actually been able to reconcile the two into a very cool independent study planned for next year.
Explained our featured artist, “I will be making Soviet propaganda-esque posters using lithography techniques. … Propaganda was such a large part of Soviet life and I find the study of the posters incredibly fascinating.”
And after Lawrence? Admitted Brengle, “I have no clue what I’ll be doing after Lawrence … I don’t even know what I’m having for lunch today! I kind of live on a day-by-day basis … all I know is that I will not be an art teacher, as I have no patience for boogery children.” And that is totally fair.