Film Production Club provides an outlet for student creativity

Carolyn Schultz

Plans are underway to bring a new Film Production Club to the Lawrence community next fall. This year, the unofficial club is busy making plans and setting the stage for a unique experience that will benefit all of campus. The club wants to “develop a dynamic and creative atmosphere” that will provide the resources and support for student film projects and an open environment for film events geared towards engaging the entire student body.
Lawrence recently created an interdisciplinary study in Film, focusing on the theory behind the film. Out of this new program came the idea for the FPC, to expand upon this theory and to create an outlet for the practice of video production techniques. This year FPC teamed up with the Classic Film Club to put on a Short Film Festival.
The festival invites students to make a short film to be shown in Wriston on Wednesday, June 4 at 8pm. The films will be reviewed and rated by the audience and the winner will receive fifty dollars. The festival is designed “to promote video production on campus and to stimulate awareness of the Film Production Club which will begin officially next year,” said club member Stephen Anunson.
Also this spring, the club is meeting with LUCC to discuss being recognized as an official group next year, said Anunson. They plan to apply for funding to purchase film equipment and production resources, to sponsor film festivals, and to bring a film producer to campus each year. The club will be advised by art professors Julie Linderman and Johnie Shimon.
To promote membership next year, the FPC plans to host a film festival in the fall focusing on short student films, which are to be screened during Winter term, 2009. Weekly meetings will consist of “new discussion topics regarding current film issues, ideas and networking for future film and video endeavors,” as well as planning for major events. During spring term, the club plans to hold a 48 Hour Film Festival.
This festival will provide the opportunity for students of all experience levels to produce a short film in two days to share with the rest of campus. Those with little time to commit and an interest in experiencing all parts of film production would have the opportunity to become involved through this festival. Next year, the club plans to be available, upon request, to tape student projects such as senior theater or musical productions. In discussion for future years is the possibility of a Lawrence Video Yearbook. The club is just beginning and there are many new avenues to explore in bringing film studies and production to the forefront at Lawrence.
Those who are interested in joining the club to expand their film production knowledge and skills, or those simply interested in more information are encouraged to attend the club meetings, Thursdays at 7pm in the Ormsby Hall lounge. The first meeting to discuss logistics and formulate plans for next year will be held on Thursday, May 17.
As outlined in the club’s mission statement, “The Lawrence community will benefit from this group by gaining a resource of knowledge pertaining to all areas of film and video production. We strongly feel that this organization will provide an opportunity for students interested in film to gain experience and to have a channel for creativity.