SAAC auction brings in the money

Ashlee Thatcher

The Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) auctioned off athletes last Wednesday night in the Underground Coffeehouse to raise money for their annual Special Olympics Skills Day, which is scheduled for Saturday, May 17.
SAAC rep Kyle Borland emceed the event, which was packed with possibly more attendees than SoundBoard’s popular Christmas Sing-a-Long. The athletes each had an introduction song, and some had a dance routine prepared as well. Audience member Alice Shepro said, “I thought it was very entertaining, especially when the auctionees offered incentives for higher bids.”
According to SAAC co-chair Ali Blegen, the auction raised over $500. Pleased with the turnout, she said, “The auction went very well, especially considering it was the first one. We plan on making this an annual event, maybe doing it at the end of fall term instead of spring term next time.