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Lawrence’s Fashion Authorities

This week we’re tackling a specific moment in every Lawrentian’s, okay, every person’s, life: the morning after a splendid (and long) evening out. Is it okay for us to be writing about hangovers? Well, let’s be perfectly frank and say, yes, because hangovers are a real part of our lives. We aren’t advocating drinking, we’re advocating looking semi-normal the day after you stay up too late bar-hopping, studying or prepping for an exam or presentation, etc. Even though they are really unstylish, hangovers are no excuse for abandoning all aesthetic values and stepping out looking less than put together. Yes, you can still manage it even Thursday morning for a 9 a.m. class after a raucous senior night with your fav profs. While others would probably advocate a certain amount of sleep, or a certain concoction of reviving beverages, foodstuffs and vitamins, we quite simply advocate mascara and the right clothes.
EP: Okay, first of all I would like to target the biggest problem with having a hangover, the hangover face. You know what I mean. You look tired, bewildered and dehydrated. An especially big issue is the eyes with the bagginess and the smudgy stuff left on them from the night before. I have found that it is possible to use that smudgy stuff in an effective way. If you wash your face (which you should) and it doesn’t all come off (which it often doesn’t), then just look at it like eyeliner. Aside from this, keep all makeup as light as possible (your skin is probably dying anyway). I find that wearing highlighter is good to get some glow back in otherwise ashy skin.
KW: Yes, a little highlighter in the corners of your eyes does wonders when you are striving to look like a normal person. I have an obsession with eyelash curlers anyway, but I find that curling your eyelashes when you are hungover does make a huge difference. It makes you look awake and mildly coherent. Blush is pretty essential as well.
AA: I agree completely with EP’s statement about light makeup. A fresh face is the best way to go after a long night — it would be a tragedy to cover up your cover-up.
KW: Hair is probably the second biggest problem when you are hungover. Your hair may have looked pretty awesome the night before, but chances are that upon waking you vaguely resemble Amy Winehouse. It is best to just put it up. Throw it in a bun, pin up all the craziness, and add a headband for good measure. I’ve found this is really the only realistic solution, because we all know that showering is not going to happen.
AA: Now, let’s talk about the people in Downer on Saturday mornings who always look perfect and clean and put-together. We all hate them a little bit because, well, most of us aren’t looking quite perfect ourselves. Clothing choices the morning after should be kept basic and classic: black is a great choice because you can’t really go wrong. Putting on a black top with a pair of jeans equals: you’re good. Although I think adding a cardigan helps out immensely. It says, “I cared enough about this outfit to add layers to it!”
KW: I totally agree. Black is the way that I typically go when I have to venture out. For some reason it just holds in the hangover better. I have found that there are four ways hungover dressing tends to go. 1) You just grab whatever you can, and sometimes you look seriously deranged. 2) You wear what you wore the night before and in no way attempt to control the insanity parked atop your head. 3) Sweatpants. 4) Basic, and often black. The fourth option is always the best bet.
EP: Black is a great choice. But what about when you wake up and feel like if your clothes touch you too closely you might kill them? Well, in these rare cases it might be a good plan to have a stock comfy-cute covering that is NOT just some scummy T-shirt, but is actually legitimately a “top.” Think loose, not baggy.
EG: While wearing black is a very smart choice to make when you’re feeling less than human, I wouldn’t rule out colors altogether. I actually like to wear a little color on hungover days — somehow it makes me feel a little more put together. Apply that to EP’s suggestion of wearing a loose top, and you’ll look good even at hungover brunch.
Plus, I must just add one word: Earrings. Along with a little bit of mascara (from the night before counts too), put on a favorite pair of earrings and you’re good to go.
AA: EP’s point about comfort is so true. Having a top that is loose and comfy that you can feel and look good in is a savior on hangover days! I also agree with EG about colors. Black is a good go-to color if you aren’t in the mood to decide what color will make you look less pasty and washed-out, but adding another layer of color will brighten your ensemble and your general countenance.
So, there you have it: No more excuses for putting on your trusty ripped jeans and baggy LU sweatshirt when you roll out of bed after too-little sleep. Get your next-day arsenal together before you go out — to the bar or the library — and you’ll be even better prepared when the morning hits you.