Profiles in athletics: Steven Heindl

Steven Heindl, a junior, is a stand-out member of the Lawrence football team.
Anthony Totoraitis

Steven Heindl, a junior, is a stand-out member of the Lawrence football team. (Joe Vanden Acker)

The NFL draft is approaching and with it comes much speculation. Who will be taken and when? Will this draft pick pan out? One team might just take a chance on Casey Urlacher, the brother of All-Pro linebacker Brian Urlacher. Casey is a familiar name in the Midwest Conference. He played linebacker and fullback for the Foresters of Lake Forest.

Is it unreasonable to expect an NFL prospect to lead the game in tackles week in and week out? At a division three level, I believe it is a must for a NFL-bound player to dominate.

Just for kicks, I looked into the stats. The 2002 Lake Forest/Lawrence game’s tackle leader is not a brother of an All-Pro linebacker. He happens to be from nearby Kaukauna.

His name is Steven Heindl. His 12 tackles against Lake Forest for Lawrence clobbered Urlacher’s 11.

Heindl plays in the trenches and plays them well. Asking anyone familiar with football, it is easy to see that Heindl must be some kind of special player to go head-to-head against this NFL-bound player and beat him.

Many times Heindl tackled Urlacher, as defensive linemen do to fullbacks. Heindl was not impressed or awestruck by Urlacher’s play.

Heindl’s spirited play and off-the-field antics makes him a favorite of those who watch the Lawrence games. Some only know him as the good player on the D-line with the giant head. His helmet is special order every year, and it takes a great mind to fill every Saturday afternoon.

Ask Heindl about his on-the-field dominance of offensive linemen and he will only blush. A shy man, the only thing he is truly vocal about is his appreciation for defensive backs. He is a natural leader and some say he should have been captain. One thing no one can take from him is a sure will to win and his sometimes-green hair.

When Steve Heindl takes the field for his final season next year, look for fear in the eyes of opposing offensive lineman. His is an intimidating force on the field and draws double teams frequently.

Heindl’s senior leadership will surely shore up the defense that has been suspect in the past. All we can do is sit back and watch the show that will be a great senior year for a one Mr. Steven Heindl.