Symphony Orchestra [ns]

Jennifer Burns

Tomorrow at 8:00 p.m., the Lawrence University Symphony Orchestra will be performing two works from different musical time periods. The first work is a twentieth century piece by composer Christopher Theofanidis. **Rainbow Body**, written as a commission for the Houston Symphony in 2000, will be performed under the direction of assistant conductor Seong-Kyung Graham. Theofanidis based **Rainbow Body** on a melody taken from medieval composer Hildegard von Bingen’s **Maria, auctrix vite**. In an interview, Theofanidis comments: “This melodic fragment spins out and is orchestrated primarily in the strings in a way that is meant to evoke a cathedral acoustic, what I would call a wet sound, creating a kind of sonic halo around the
melody.” This fragment returns many times, contrasting
with other melodies that in turn create a haunting palate of colors. Zachary Scot-Johnson, a 2nd Violin in the orchestra really likes this piece. “**Rainbow Body** has some gorgeous solos. It’s a very metaphorical piece. It’s gorgeous.”
The Lawrence Symphony will also perform Sergi Rachmaninoff’s romantic **Symphony number two** in E-
minor, Op 27. Rachmaninoff composed this symphony in 1906-07 while secluded in Dresden. Rochmaninoff left Russia to live in Dresden with his family after his daughter became ill. This symphony is
considered to be a display of his full-fledged melodic
style. Although much like his First Symphony it
differs as Rachmaninoff’s ideas are more expansive. “The Rachmaninoff is the hardest
piece we’ve played this year,” said Scot-Johnson.
“Symphony #2 is rich and dense. Often, there are multiple themes being played simultaneously.”
Bridget-Michaele Reischl will be conducting the Rochmaninoff.