Student plays: round two

Meghan McCallum

For all those wanting a second dose of a completely student-produced play festival, this weekend is the time to see part two of “Love… and Aftermaths.” This Thursday through Sunday, five student-written and directed plays will show in Cloak Theatre as the second installation of the Fred Gaines Play Festival.
Brad Lindert wrote and directed “It will be Forever,” a simple play involving three men sitting around a table talking. Lindert described it as existential, avant-garde, and partly influenced by Samuel Beckett. After seeing a Beckett play in high school, Lindert said, he immediately wrote “It will be Forever.” The men will be played by Michael Papincak, Asher Perlman, and Patrick Ehlers.
“Creating Tragic” was also written and directed by Lindert. It takes place in New York, where a playwright at Columbia University (Siri Hellerman) faces criticism from her professor (Devin Scheef). Lindert said that it focuses on the writing process and what fuels playwrights to write.
Julie Silver’s “Negro Pero Cari¤oso” (“Dark but Dear”), directed by alumna Anneliese DeDiemar, is one of the darker plays of the festival. After their child dies, a man (Matt Murphy) kills his wife (Melissa Law) and himself. Afterwards, he is forced to relive his relationship and the murders again and again. The play’s style was somewhat influenced by Harold Pinter’s “The Trial,” Silver said. She added that she was helped out in her writing process by giving the script to the actors and others involved in the play, before writing a final draft.
“Without Warning” is a short, romantic piece written and directed by Kass Kuehl. Plot details will be kept secret, but Kuehl said that the play shows that love transcends space and time and can uplift someone from his or her dark moments. David Hanzal and Kristin Hammargren will act in “Without Warning.” Kuehl said that she wrote this play after a long period of writer’s block and it ended up being one of her favorites.
Kuehl also directed “Wildlife,” the festival’s only comedy, written by Maryl McNally. Molly (Cami Bowers), an aspiring actress, has a crazy family and an equally crazy drama teacher (Siri Hellerman). In class, she is paired up with Donald (Peter Griffith), and mutual hatred results *******– though not for long. Later, Molly has to overcome her insecurity to keep pursuing a career in acting.
Whether or not you got around to seeing “Love… and Aftermaths” Part I, this weekend’s series of plays is a must-see. It is an impressive and unique group of plays, and the most amazing thing is that they are all written and directed by students. The schedule is as follows:
Thursday, 8 p.m.: “It will be Forever,” “Wildlife.”
Friday, 8 p.m.: “Without Warning,” “Creating Tragic.”
Saturday, 8 p.m.: “Negro Pero Cari¤oso,” “Without Warning,” “Creating Tragic.”
Sunday, 3 p.m.: “Negro Pero Cari¤oso,” “It will be Forever,” “Wildlife.”
All shows are free for students and will take place in Cloak Theatre.