IGLU performs a “Symphony of Horror” -rws -dlh

Reid Stratton

This Sunday the Improvisation Group of Lawrence University, led by director Matt Turner, will improvise the music to the 1922 silent horror film “Nosferatu.”
“Nosferatu,” the first vampire movie ever made, stars Max Schreck as the title character. In the film, a young businessman named Hutter travels to “the land of ghosts and thieves” to make a deal with Count Orlok. While at the castle, Orlok sees a photo of Hutter’s new wife, and travels to Hutter’s home to terrorize the city and take the blood of Ellen.
IGLU’s role in this showing is to complement the film through the music they play. While some guidelines have been set up to help the music work cohesively with the film, all of the music heard this Sunday will be improvised. This includes a diverse array of music that goes from a reggae beat to a feedback solo in the briefest of moments.
IGLU’s presentation of “Nosferatu” is this Sunday, March 6, at 3 p.m. in Harper Hall.