Guster, Better than Ezra tickets available -bkm -dlh

Audrey Hull

Guster is coming to the PAC, and who is more thrilled about it than sophomore Jacob Vosper? “Am I excited? Uh, yeah!” he said.
Vosper’s sentiments aptly reflect those of the Lawrence student body. Since they went on sale March 30, 277 tickets out of 500 have been sold at the LU box office, which means that those of you who want to see the show should buy tickets before it sells out.
A low-fi, indie-pop band, Guster has been likened to previous Lawrence visitor Ben Folds, which should please fans of mellow rock. However, this label should not scare off aficionados of harder sounds; if Guster’s dynamic live show doesn’t win them over, special guest Better than Ezra should.
Better than Ezra compares their music with Britpop acts like Oasis and Coldplay, commenting on their website that “there’s a lot of Nick Drake” influences in their songs. Their back-to-the-basics yet innovative style complements Guster’s earthy music, which might explain why they were asked to open for the headliners.
Although BTE is currently less well known, at least among Lawrence students, expect their fanbase to grow dramatically after their opening set on April 27. According to, “Kevin Griffin, the group’s singer/songwriter/guitarist, has excellent pop instincts,” which should make for a satisfying show.
Guster, sponsored by SOUP, was chosen through a student survey. Other potential guests included OK Go, Dashboard Confessional, They Might Be Giants, and The Postal Service. All in all, students are feeling good about Guster. However, beware of long lines and possible rioting when tickets sell out.
Tickets are available to the student body for $12.50 with ID at the LU box office, and general public tickets can be purchased for $30 at the PAC box office by calling 920-730-3760.