peter’s very very scattered farewell -dlh

Peter Gillette

The time has come for the traditional *****Lawrentian******* changing of the guard, when we begin to reconfigure our editorial board in anticipation of another year of publication.
During the next couple weeks, though, we would like your help in filling out the *******Lawrentian****** staff.
In this last *******Lawrentian******* issue of the term, I am pleased to announce our leadership team for the next year: Kate Enoch will become editor in chief, and Reid Stratton will become managing editor.
Enoch, our current features editor, is a junior majoring in vocal performance and anthropology. She has been on the editorial board since her freshman year, and has served as opinions and editorials editor and as managing editor. Her breadth of experience and strong reporting suggest a year full of strong, penetrating journalism.
Stratton came on the board a year ago as arts and entertainment editor. A junior music education major, Stratton’s organizational skills have allowed the arts section to be very full during the past year, and those skills will certainly come to bear in his new assignment.
With the leadership team in place, we have decided to do things a bit differently this year. Rather than filling what positions are open due to graduation and scrambling to find more writers, we are initiating a more formal application process.
We will soon be tabling at Downer with brief applications that anyone can fill out to become editors, staff writers, “for ******The Lawrentian******” writers, “trainees,” ad salespeople, business staff, layout technicians … it takes many people for a newspaper to function.
Seriously consider involving yourself with the newspaper. Aside from the pay *******– we are a business, and everybody gets paid ********– the experience you’ll get running while running this business and/or having your writing published is invaluable.
After we have collected applications from current and interested employees, we will call everyone back to be interviewed by groups of current editors in the hopes that we can place everyone correctly.
It’s been quite a year, and though I’ll be around ********– and, hopefully, writing ********– next year, it will be nice to have somebody else get the angry/panicked phone calls for a change. (Don’t worry, Kate, nobody really complains … honest!)
Between now and the rest of the term, I’m going to work on fixing the kinks in our web edition *******– Whoops! It’s March already? *******– and coming up with a very, very funny name for April’s first newspaper.
Then, of course, *********The Lawrentian******’s team of ace lawyers, or Bill Dalsen, whoever’s cheaper, will go over that issue with a fine-toothed comb until it is fit to be released to this can’t-take-a-joke campus. To the *****The Lawrentian****’s readers, thanks for your indulgence, engagement, thoughtful criticism, and tolerance of Ethan Denault. As I look forward to reading assigned course materials for the first time in about a year, I can assure you these pages will be in very good hands during the coming year.