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Liz Tubman

If you are looking for the next big cinema experience in the Appleton area, check out the brand new Big Picture Theater just a few short blocks away. The Big Picture Theater of Adventure and Discovery, located at 215 E. Washington Street, opened its doors just a few weeks ago on March 19.
With six stories, an eighty-foot wide screen, and an 18,000 watt digital surround sound system, this theater is definitely catered for the optimal cinema experience. This large format theater seats 298 people and uses “8/70” film, which is four times larger than normal thirty-five millimeter film, to show its movies.
The Big Picture Theater was the brainchild of owner Jim Bork for several years before it became a reality. Bork’s idea for bringing a large format cinema to the Fox Cities area occurred to him seven or eight years ago while he was traveling in larger cities and tourist destinations with similar theaters. Once joining forces with his partner Chuck Barnum, the two were able to work together to sell the idea to the public, and eventually work with a local construction company to make plans for the building.
Since its opening last month, the theater has received excellent response from the surrounding area. Executive director Ed Bisaillon remarked that the theater has had “a very gratifying response from the community, as well as great support from the media.”
The Big Picture Theater is currently showing two large format films. “Everest” features footage from a video camera that has literally traveled to the top of the world. Acrophobics can journey along with Lewis and Clark as they explore thousands of miles of untamed wilderness in “Lewis and Clark: Great Journey West.” Opening in late April, “To the Limit” follows four world-class athletes as they strive for success and perfection in the competitive world of sports.
This theater is definitely not your average, run of the mill movie theater. It is meant to be a community resource, not only as a source of entertainment but as a source of education as well. For showtimes and ticket prices, visit