How wrong those Anti-war folk were.

Apologies will now be accepted.
That is, those of you that were anti-war can now tell us all how wrong you were. The free Iraq people will tell you, if you have problems, that what the US did for them is great. They have freedom now, something they have never had, because we did something. People flock to religious sites and express their religious freedoms like they have never been able to in the past, because we started a war for them and won it. No one has fear of death squads killing him or her if they say something anti-Saddam, because we got rid of him and his lackeys. The Iraq people loot and pillage Saddam’s palaces, because they want back what he stole from them. They tear down his monuments, because they are glad to see him go. They have public displays of the atrocities that Saddam committed to show the world how evil he really was. It seems like what we did was a good thing and to say it isn’t is absurd. The evidence is over-whelming. Accept the truth, you were wrong.
Another thing, “No blood for oil” is a joke and a half. To say that America went to war only for the oil is ridiculous. Sure it was in the back of Bushes mind but why wouldn’t it be. Why wouldn’t he free a people from a tyrant and secure an oil source at the same time? It is only natural to look out for ones best interests. To get what you want means that sometimes you have to take it away from someone else. We aren’t taking anything from the Iraq people, we simply “took” Saddam out of the picture, so the Iraqis can sell us their oil. It will give them the necessary funds to rebuild the nation that Saddam tore to the ground. The slogan should have been, “We get oil as a bonus, if we get rid of that dick Saddam.”
What your mother told you was a lie, fighting solves problems. The war in Iraq proves this claim. Due to the war we have should have a large oil source, and an entire people are free from a tyrant. So, those of you that were so opposed, recognize your errors. You were wrong. The war was beneficial and got things accomplished. Tuck your tails and bow your heads in defeat. Diplomacy failed and your apologies will now be accepted. Ben Dictus, supporter of our troops and governments decisions.